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Connecting eBay in Veeqo

To set up your eBay store in Veeqo, see this guide.

Taxes on eBay orders

eBay, by default, does not break out the tax on your orders. Veeqo enables you to set up what tax each order should contain based on the shipping country/state of that order. To learn more see this guide.

Add a SKU to eBay listings

To create a SKU for your eBay listings, check out this guide.

Bulk update SKU codes on Ebay

Tip: eBay suggests for merchants with SKU codes to use there Merchant integration platform - a bulk management tool for high-volume sellers


How often do you pull in orders?
We pull orders every 10 minutes

How often do you pull in new products?
We pull new products every 60 minutes

How often do you pull in product updates or changes?
We pull product updates every 60 minutes. If updates are not syncing then please ensure the following setting is enabled.

Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 12.25.45.png

You can do this by:

  1. Click into your eBay Store

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Scroll to section 2 and you will see this setting

Do you pull historical orders?
Yes, we pull the last 90 days of historical orders

Do you pull refunds or cancelled order statuses?
At the moment, we do not pull refunds or cancelled order statuses into Veeqo from eBay. If you were to cancel an order in Veeqo, Veeqo will push the Cancelled status to your store.

Note: We do pull cancelled orders but without the cancelled status.

Do you pull cost prices from eBay?
At the moment, we do not pull the cost prices through from eBay

Is it possible to push stock from a particular location depending on the customers state?
Currently this is not possible. Veeqo will push stock to your store based on the location that you have attached to your store. Please click here to learn more on adding locations to your stores.

Do you pull in customer notes?
Yes we do, this will be against the customer notes on the order in Veeqo.

Can I push a full or partial refund from Veeqo to eBay?
At the moment it isn't possible to push any state of refunds to your eBay store, you will need to perform this action on eBay directly.


Often eBay syncing issues can have some common solutions. If you’re having issues with your eBay store, check out these troubleshooting guides:

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