Connecting your eBay store
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To add an eBay store follow these steps below:

1.Go to Settings

3. Select the +New Store button.

4. Select eBay from the list of stores. Click continue (Veeqo will take you through a series of explainer slides)

5. Set your default weight unit and currency.

6. Give your Store a Name. You can expand the Advanced Store Syncing Preferences to edit your settings at this point and and set a short two letter name.

Note: A short name is especially useful if you intend to connect multiple of the same store type

7. Select the Default Stock & Dispatch Location for this channel. (Additional locations can be added to the store after the initial integration has been completed)

8. You are now ready to authorise the connection to your eBay store. Click Connect Store to proceed

9. You will now be redirected to eBay and asked to authorise the connection

Veeqo will start pulling your eBay listings, stock levels and orders. The first sync can take between 5 minutes and 4 hours depending on how many listings and orders you have.

Once the initial sync has completed you can head to your eBay store within Veeqo and apply any additional settings required.

Click into Store > Edit > Show Advanced Settings (far right) and you will be presented with all additional options

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