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Troubleshooting Order Issues
Troubleshooting Order Issues

This article will provide common order issues and how to resolve them

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Below is a list of common order issues and how to resolve them.

Why did my order pull through with the status "waiting for stock"?

When there is no stock available in the location/warehouse for your line item(s) in Veeqo, your order will pull through with the status "Waiting for stock". You can also check out the following help guide on how to view your line item stock history to see when stock was/wasn't available -

How can I check when the order status was updated to "Ready to ship"?
For an order to show as Ready to Ship, the order must be marked as paid and the full inventory allocated to the order

Tracking information hasn't pushed to my store
The channel in Veeqo needs to be 'active' in order for Veeqo to push and send out tracking and shipping information to your store. If the Veeqo channel was inactive or down during that time, the order status and tracking information will not update.

Additionally, we do not support line item edits for you store. For example, if the line items in the order no longer matches the original order placed, this information will not be pushed to your store and you will need to add the tracking manually to your store.

You can also check that your channel settings are enabled to push shipment statuses out to your stores, you check this by the following -

1. Head over Settings > Click Marketplaces & e-commerce integrations
2. Click on the store
3. Click Edit > Show advanced settings
4. Then scroll to how orders are synced, then enable the setting "When an order is shipped or cancelled in Veeqo, update my store and mark the order as 'shipped' or 'cancelled'" and click save.

Note: By updating the setting this will not update any existing orders only future ones. Therefore, the orders will need to be manually updated on the store end.

We have an order that is completely shipped but still showing as ready to ship, how can we fix this?
If an order is showing as "Ready to ship" but all line items have been shipped, can you please try going into the order, click Edit > Save and then from there it should change the status to 'Shipped'.

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