Troubleshooting DHL shipping errors

Common shipping errors and how to resolve them

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Below is a list of common shipping errors and how to resolve them. However, If you find that you are still encountering any errors when shipping, please contact our Veeqo support team who are happy to help!

Note: DHL have an address validator tool that you can use to ensure that the address is correct:

This error means that DT1 has not been enabled on your carrier account. You will need to get in touch with your account manager / carrier directly to have this enabled on your account.

Missing quotes or undefined error message

If you are not receiving quotes from your shipping carrier when trying to ship an order or are receiving an undefined error message please the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Customers address - Double check your customers address. You can do this using a carrier address verifier for the carrier you are trying to us.

  2. Customer email and phone number- Check that the customer has an email address and phone number added to the order. Some carriers will not accept a shipment via the API if these are not present.

  3. Total order weight- Check that the order has a total weight added. The weight needs to be above 0.

  4. Maximum weight allowed by the service- Check that the weight you have added for the order can be accepted by the service you are trying to use.

  5. Ship from address - We will use the location you entered in Veeqo as your ship from address. Check you have a valid location address in settings.

Allocation weight is empty
The allocation / weight attribute needs to be greater than zero

Invalid account number. Please make sure data entered is valid before proceeding or contact our customer service. (DHL)
The account number, username or password entered in Veeqo is not correct. Please check the credentials you have entered in Veeqo. If these look correct, you will need to contact DHL or your account manager at DHL to confirm these details.

UNDEFINED: The destination location is invalid. Please check the data. (DHL)
This error is coming from DHL, stating that the address is invalid. Please check that the address / destination entered is correct. You can also check by using this site: - it is a postcode checker to see if you can ship to that destination based on the details that is in the order, if you can then a set of shipping services will appear.

Error in parsing request XML:Error: Datatype error: In element 'Description' : with length '80' exceeds maximum length facet of ’75’
This means that the product title is too long and it needs to be reduce to fit within DHL's parameter.

The declared value is missing
This means that the order value is 0.00 - The order needs to have a value in order to ship.

We could not perform this operation, please try again
Please check DHL's website to see if they are encountering an issue/outage. If this error keeps occurring please contact the Veeqo support team.

Line1 attribute missing
This error is returned by DHL which means that line 1 of the address is missing on the order. You will need to make sure that the address fields are filled in.

{"message":"null Weight field value is invalid"}
This usually means that there is no weight assigned to one or more of your products. The weight of the order needs to be greater than 0

{"message":"Invalid postal code of a consignee. Please provide a valid postal code for a consignee and resubmit."}
This means that the postcode/ zip code or the format of the postcode? zipcode is invalid. Please check if the postcode is correct or you can contact the customer who placed the order to confirm if the postcode on the order is correct.

Shipment was not created. Dutiable segment Declared Amount Conditional Required Error

DHL does not support 0 value shipments. As a workaround for this, you will need to adjust the order value to ensure the subtotal reflects as at least 1 cent / penny etc. depending on your currency

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