Troubleshooting Buy Shipping errors

Common shipping errors and how to resolve them.

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Below is a list of common shipping errors and how to resolve them. However, If you find that you are still encountering any errors when shipping, please contact our Veeqo support team who are happy to help!

​Invalid input: The requested value added services are invalid. Please check the value added services offered in the GetRates response.

This error can occur when either the Delivery Experience or Pickup Options are not set when shipping. These options can be set on the shipping screen under the service you have chosen.

The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your AWS Secret Access Key and signing method. Consult the service documentation for details. (code: SignatureDoesNotMatch)
The reason that this error can occur is when there has been a change to the original order. Buy Shipping matches the products in the order in Veeqo to those on the Amazon order itself. The details need to all match the original order placed.

validation error detected: Value '1000000' at 'shipmentRequestDetails.weight.value' failed to satisfy constraint: Member must have value less than or equal to 500000 (code: InvalidRequest)
This error happens when the weight of the order is '0'. The weight needs to be greater than zero.

CarrierRateError (Amazon)
1. Check the allocation weight. The weight may be too large for the service you have chosen.
2. Check if the first scheduled pickup date set in Amazon is set to the future
3. Check the GoLive date in Amazon. This will determine when you can start processing orders with Buy Shipping.

An error occurred while processing your request. Please contact our customer service (Amazon)
1. Please check with the carrier to see if there is a current outage or issue.
2. Please check your GoLive date, as this will determine when you can start processing orders with Buy Shipping.
If this error still occurs please contact the Veeqo support team.

The selected delivery method does not provide the desired delivery experience (e.g. delivery scan, signature confirmation etc.). Please choose a different delivery method that can meet your delivery experience requirement or change the delivery experience. (code: ShippingServiceNotAvailable)
This error means that the delivery experience should be changed. For example, changing from 'with signature' to 'without signature'

Please accept Amazon's terms and conditions
This error means that you need to accept all applicable Amazon terms and conditions. To do this you must head over to Amazon Seller Central for the United Kingdom or for the United States. Once the terms and conditions have been accepted, this error will be removed.

Shipment was not created. Attempting to overfulfil item '' with quantity '2', but only '1' in order. (code: InvalidRequest)
This happens when the quantity of the order has been changed from what was originally placed on Amazon.

Allocation weight is empty
The allocation / weight attribute needs to be greater than zero

Missing quotes or undefined error message

If you are not receiving quotes from your shipping carrier when trying to ship an order or are receiving an undefined error message please follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Customers address - Double check your customers address. You can do this using a carrier address verifier for the carrier you are trying to use.

  2. Customer email and phone number- Check that the customer has an email address and phone number added to the order. Some carriers will not accept a shipment via the API if these are not present.

  3. Total order weight- Check that the order has a total weight added. The weight needs to be above 0.

  4. Maximum weight allowed by the service- Check that the weight you have added for the order can be accepted by the service you are trying to use.

  5. Ship from address- We will use the location you have entered in Veeqo as your ship from address. Check you have a valid location address in settings.

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