Viewing a product's inventory history will show you all the stock movement for that specific product.

Inventory History includes information such as:

  • When a product was allocated to a pending sales order

  • If inventory was adjusted manually, by who and when

  • When inventory was received against a purchase order

  • Inventory changes from incoming / outgoing transfers between locations

In this section:

See inventory history for one product or variant

Select the product you'd like to view the stock history for from the Products page.

Once the product summary appears, select the Stock history clock icon from the inventory table to open the stock History tab. For products with variants, scroll down to the Variant Table to view the stock history for each individual variant.

Multiple Locations

If you have more than one location in Veeqo, select which location you'd like to view the stock of the product for. You can select individual locations or view all locations.


You'll be shown the time and date for all stock movement for this product, the quantity in/out of the location, and the total inventory quantity after the movement.


See inventory history for all products

With the Inventory Change Log report, you can view inventory history for all products in one place. Only available for Premium and Enterprise customers.

Track changes in available stock levels from sales orders, purchase orders, stock transfers, inventory counts and more.

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