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General Settings Overview
Updated over a week ago
  1. To change your company information in Veeqo please navigate to Settings (gear icon) > General

  2. From here you can change:

  • Your company main email address

  • Your company currency

    To make sure that your reports are accurate and easy to understand, Veeqo is designed to work in a single currency. If you have a store which has it's currency set to something other than your Veeqo currency, we will convert the orders using the current exchange rates. For more information on this see this guide.

  • Your company default delivery method

    Delivery methods are options given to your customer on your marketplace, which are then pulled into Veeqo against the order.

  • Weight and dimensions

    When you are setting up your account, you will be able to choose your companies default weight unit.
    If the carrier you plan to integrate requires that you change the weight unit at a later date, then please contact our support team.

  • Your company name.

  • Purchase order email address

    This is the email address Veeqo will use to send purchase orders to your supplier

  • Timezone

    Throughout Veeqo dates and times are displayed in UTC. The Company Date/Time settings enables Veeqo to display the Date/Times by taking into account your location, ensuring the times on our reporting is accurate.

    Each user can also set their own preferred time settings by following This Guide. If a user has not selected a preference then an Account Admin can choose a default Timezone to use.

  • Invoice note

  • Company logo

    This logo will be displayed on your printing templates

  • Company address

Scroll down to amend your company's address

3. Click save.

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