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Creating, editing and optimizing different brand identities in Veeqo

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You can print invoices and packing slips with branding unique to each store. This means you can have a different company logo and address for each of your stores.

To create, edit and use the correct branding across your channels go into your Settings menu and select General.

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In the general settings sidebar menu select Company Branding

Creating a new brand

Click +New Brand down in the bottom-left corner of the screen to open the brand editor screen.

Here you can:

  • Add a Brand Name to identify this brand on the relevant documents and slips.

  • Add a logo for the brand using the drag and drop or Select Files button.

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  • Set up the Branding Rules, deciding the channels that will use that brand. In this example the user has chosen to apply this brand to Amazon.

  • Fill in specific contact information for this brand.

    A Brand Email which will be used on this brand’s invoices, packing slips, integrated invoice, and integrated packing slips by default.

  • You can also add a specific phone number to your brand.

  • You can set your Brand Address from existing locations stored in Veeqo or by adding a new one.

  • If using Veeqo in the UK, you can add your company number, EORI, and VAT/Tax Number in the financial section on a brand by brand basis.

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  • You can add a personalised message to print on your packing slips and invoices. If you want to modify the message for each document, unselect "Apply same message for all documents".

  • Click Save Changes in the bottom right corner of the page to create your new brand in Veeqo.

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Edit an existing brand

You can also make changes to your existing brands on this screen.

Note: Editing your default brand will take you to the General settings page where you can update your default brand information, only subsequent additional brands will open the brand editor screen.

Click the Edit button in the bottom right corner of the brand you’d like to change.

On this screen you can update:

  • Your brand’s name and logo

  • The branding rules that apply the information to your printing templates

  • The contact information for the brand, including the brand email and phone number

  • The brand address associated with this brand

  • The brand’s company number, VAT and EORI numbers (If applicable)

When you’ve made your edits, click Save changes in the bottom-left corner of the screen to commit your changes.

Deleting a brand

Note: You cannot delete the default brand you first set up with Veeqo, to change these details click Edit

If you would like to delete a brand you no longer require, click the red Delete button with the trash icon beneath that brand on the Company branding Screen.

Overwriting a brand’s default printing template options

To edit branding options on printing templates go to Settings>Printing Templates

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On the template you want to change you can:

  • Opt to include your logo on the document for products assigned to a brand

  • Choose to select your store or brand email for this document or overwrite it with another custom email by selecting other

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