Calculating order taxes from eBay on Veeqo
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eBay does not by default break out the tax on your orders, which means you can not report on your profit for these orders and work out what tax to pay the government.

Important: We cannot provide you with tax information or tax advice, it is your responsibility to ensure any taxable income is correctly reported. If in doubt, you should seek independent professional advice. Figures in this guide are purely for the purpose of visualising the functionality within Veeqo and are not an accurate representation of the taxes you should apply to your orders.

Veeqo enables you to setup what tax each order should contain based on the shipping country/state of that order: Setting a country's tax in Veeqo

You now need to apply the adjust the tax rate for eBay setting. To do this please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Stores.

  2. Click on your eBay store and then click Edit.

  3. Tick the option When Orders Are Synced, Adjust The Tax Amount Based On The Shipping Country Of The Order and click Save.

4. New orders received after this moment will now have these tax rules applied to them, previous or current orders will not be affected.


  • Add tax rates for as many countries as you want;

  • When adding Country Taxes for the USA you will also need to select a State.

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