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There are a number of reasons that may cause your stock on your store to not match the amount that's in Veeqo. This guide will take you through the steps you should troubleshoot in order to work out why the stock isn't matching.



Is Veeqo set to update your store's stock?

By default, Veeqo is not set to update stock on your stores. When you're ready to switch Veeqo on to manage your stock, you'll need to do the following for each store you have added.


  1. Go to Settings>Stores and click on one of your stores 

  2. Click on the Edit tab and tick 'Show advanced settings' then scroll down to the section headed How stock is synced and switch on the option If stock levels in Veeqo change should this store be updated? and click on Save

    Once Veeqo is set to be master of stock, you should not change stock levels on your store, as Veeqo will overwrite these changes. Any stock changes you make should be done in Veeqo, otherwise your stock may be incorrect. 

Is the store currently active in Veeqo?

If Veeqo is unable to access your store, we deactivate the store.

If the store had previously been active, you would have received an email notification from us to let you know that the store has been disconnected. The email should also contain an error message to outline the reason why this store is no longer active.

The reason why your store has become inactive could be due to overdue payments for your eBay/Amazon/Shopify accounts, or the server for your WooCommerce or Magento store is currently down.

  1. To check if your store is Active go to Settings>Stores

  2. Locate your store on the list. If it is currently deactivated you'll have the option to attempt to re-activate it by moving the toggle on the right of the store so the Status becomes Active

If the store deactivates a short time later, please check out the Why Does My Store Keep Deactivating guide to troubleshoot this.

Do you have stock pushing rules switched on for that store?

Stock pushing rules are a great way to control what stock levels are sent to your store. However, they can cause some confusion if you are expecting your store's stock values to match what's in Veeqo. For full details on what each stock pushing rule does go to our How To Filter Inventory Levels Sent To Your Stores guide

  1. To check if you've currently got Stock Pushing Rules switched on go to Settings>Stores

  2. Then click on the name of the store you'd like to check on. A new popup will be displayed, select the Edit tab

  3. Scroll down to the section titled Advanced (Optional)> How stock quantity should be synced. In the example below the setting % of quantity to push is turned on and set to 10%. This means that only 10% of the stock for every listing on this store will be pushed out. To turn this off move the ON/OFF toggle button

  4. Then scroll down and hit Save. We would advise to push all stock levels after this.

Has stock level changed since you linked up the listing to the product?

Veeqo will only send stock levels to your stores when there is a stock level change in Veeqo. Stock level changes will only occur in the following 4 ways:

  1. A user manually changes the stock level of a product on the Products page or on the Product Summary page

  2. A new order pulls through into Veeqo or stock is manually added to an order by a user

  3. A new manual order is created in Veeqo

  4. CSV file of your products have been imported - this will only trigger a push of stock for items where there is a change in stock level

Please see how to trigger a manual stock push to your store using this guide for more information.

If you link up a new listing to an existing product Veeqo will not automatically push out the current stock level to that listing unless one of the 4 instances occurs.

TIP: After you've finished linking up your new listings to existing products we recommend that you check your stock levels in Veeqo are correct then go to Settings>Stores and clicking on the store that these listings are connected to. Then press the Push all stock levels button. This will begin pushing out all the stock levels to every linked listing connected to that store. This ensures that the stock is synced from that moment.

Do you have a plugin that could be affecting the stock?

Plugins on your stores can be really useful for a whole variety of reasons! However, these can sometimes conflict with your listings stock. It's worth checking each of your installed plugins and making sure none of them are currently set to change the stock levels of your listings.

For more information on this, we recommend contacting the plugin developers

Is your listing linked correctly?

When you have a large number of products, there's a possibility you may have a couple of them that have been linked up to the wrong product. Follow these steps below to work out if your listing isn't connected properly

1. Log in to the store that is currently displaying incorrect stock and find an example listing where the stock figure isn't matching in Veeqo. Copy either the product title or SKU. In this example, we're having problems with a Shopify listing that is currently showing the wrong stock figure. The SKU for this listing is 2015-001.

2. Jump into Veeqo and head to the Inventory>Listings page. Here you can quickly see what listings are connected to each product. When the page loads you'll be shown your Unlinked and Active listings by default. All your listings need to be both Linked and Active in order for Veeqo to pull in orders or push stock updates to them.

3. Search for the product title or SKU in the search bar at the top.

4. Check if your listing is in any category other than Linked and Active by clicking on the linked and listing status, you should be checking:

  • Unlinked & Active

  • Unlinked & Inactive

  • Linked & Inactive

What to do if my listing isn't in LINKED & ACTIVE?

Ok, so your listing isn't currently LINKED & ACTIVE? Great! We've most likely discovered why the stock isn't getting updated, but now we need to fix this:

UNLINKED but ACTIVE You'll need to link your listing to the matching Veeqo Product if there already is one, or you'll need to link to a brand new product. Follow this guide to learnHow To Link Your Stores Products  LINKED but INACTIVE Make it active by clicking the blue book icon  UNLINKED and INACTIVE You'll need to link it to a product and make it active! Follow the guide onUnarchive A Listing to learn how to do this 

If your listing is LINKED & ACTIVE jump to the next step!


5. So you've found your listing and it's Linked & Active, which means we're able to push stock figures to it. Now we need to make sure it's connected to the correct Veeqo product. Im this example our SKU 2015-001 is a Small Black T-Shirt, you can see the listing for this on the left hand side of the image below. The product on the right hand side it the Veeqo product that this listing is connected to.

You may notice that the listing on the left for a black t-shirt is connected to a grey t-shirt. Another clue that it's connected to the wrong product is that the SKUs aren't matching up either.

This means that Veeqo will be pushing out the stock figures of the Grey T-Shirt to the listing of the Black T-Shirt.


6. We need to unlink the Black T-Shirt listing from the Grey T-Shirt by pressing the Unlink icon

If Veeqo is able to find a matching SKU it will automatically suggest this link after you've unlinked it. If Veeqo finds the matching product click the Green tick to confirm it, then jump to Step 8. If Veeqo finds the wrong product hit the red X instead and carry on to Step 7.


7. If Veeqo didn't find a matching product or the product it suggested was wrong you'll now need to find the correct one to match the listing to. Use the search bar in the Matching product in Veeqo column to find the product by SKU or Product Title

Hit Enter to view the results, then press the blue Link icon next to the product you want to connect it to. If you need to create new products or variants then follow this comprehensive guide on How To Link Your Stores Products


8. Now that your listing is connected to the right product you'll want to force a push of the current Veeqo stock so that the actual stock you have is displayed on your store. To do this go to Settings>Stores and then click on the store where the listing is from. When the new window pops up click on the Push all stock levels button.

This will begin pushing all your current Veeqo stock levels to that store. All correctly linked listings will then be updated with the current Veeqo stock levels.

This button can only be pressed once every 24 hours. So make sure all your other listings have been checked and correctly linked prior to syncing the stock.


Is 'Enable Stock Management' switched on for the WooCommerce product

In WooCommerce you need to switch on the option to track stock for you products, otherwise Veeqo isn't able to send stock data to your store. To switch this option on follow the steps below

1. Login to your WooCommerce store and click on Products and click on Edit for one of the listings


2. Scroll down to the Product Data section and click on the Inventory tab. Make sure Enable stock management at product level is ticked.

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