Inactive Listings
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From going to Inventory > Listings and selecting inactive in Veeqo, you can see what listings from your stores are currently inactive in Veeqo. If these are inactive in Veeqo then that means that we are not able push or pull stock, and nor will we update product properties.

Why are my listings inactive?

Most common reasons:

  • You or a user on your account have archived the listing 

  • Your eBay listing has ended and is no longer live. Veeqo only currently detects if an eBay listing has ended; this doesn't apply for Shopify, Woo-commerce, Magento or Amazon.This means that even if you make the listing inactive or delete it from your store this listing will remain active in Veeqo for those stores. 

For listings that have ended on eBay there is no unarchive button.

  • The product has been deleted from the Products page in Veeqo and any listings attached to that product would be inactive and unlinked.

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