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What happens when I've deleted a product on a store?

If you've chosen to delete / archive products on your store, they will not be deleted automatically in Veeqo. If a listing has ended on your store, this will not delete the product in Veeqo, this will result in the listing being made inactive in Veeqo.

Delete a simple product

Products can only be deleted in Veeqo if they're no longer attached to any store listings. You can delete products one-by-one or by ticking the relevant orders and deleting in bulk. If you delete a product that has listings linked to it, these listings will go inactive on the listings page. 

  • Go to the Inventory page

  • Find the individual product you'd like to delete or select multiple products

  • Click the ACTIONS button, then select 'Delete'

Check if my product contains a linked listing

To check if a product is linked to store listings:

  • Go to the Inventory page

  • If your product contains a store icon, under the Stores column, this means that there is a listing linked to your product

  • If you would like to unlink the product, you can learn how to do this here.

Whenever you delete a product in Veeqo any attached listings are automatically archived. This means that the listing is not connected to a Veeqo product and not actively having orders pulled. To unarchive these listings head to the Products page Listings and select the UNLINKED and INACTIVE status:

To unarchive the listing follow the steps in this guide.

Delete a variant product 

  • Go to the Inventory page

  • Click on the product (any variants you have added will be at the bottom of the summary tab).

  • Click on the bin symbol under actions to delete your variant.

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