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Connecting your Magento store via direct integration (Version 2.0+)
Connecting your Magento store via direct integration (Version 2.0+)
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Connection Checklist: Before connecting please make sure:

  • Your Magento installation version is 2.0+

  • You are NOT using Quick Sale products.

  • Your product SKUs do not contain "/" symbol.

  • Stock Management setting is turned ON on Magento.

  • Line item quantities must be whole numbers. They cannot contain any decimal places.


  • We have confirmed that our integration works with versions up to 2.4.3. If you have a later version of Magento please enable token based authentication. You can do this by following this Magento guide.

  • Veeqo now supports Magento Multi-Source Inventory!

How does the direct Magento integration work?

  • Every 5-10 minutes, new orders will download from Magento to Veeqo;

  • When you ship an order on Veeqo, Magento is updated with the details. This includes the fulfillment status, any tracking numbers along with an email confirmation sent to your customer;

  • Every 30-60 minutes Veeqo checks for new products in Magento to download, shipments created in Magento are synced;

  • If Veeqo is master of stock when stock levels change in Veeqo the changes will be pushed to Magento immediately.

How to connect your Magento store via direct integration:

Note: Before you start, please whitelist the following IP addresses:




  1. Go settings and select Marketplace & e-commerce integrations

  2. Click add new store and you will be directed to the New Sales Channel Wizard;

  3. Select 'Magento';

IMPORTANT: Before connecting your Magento store via our direct integration, please contact our Support Team to check eligibility.

4. Once your eligibility is confirmed, select 'Magento 2 (beta)' in 'Type' dropdown;

Add the details of your Magento store:

Name: Give your store a name to be used in Veeqo. e.g. ‘Magento UK'

Default Location: Select which location you want to use for this particular store. You may have multiple locations and select a specific one for this particular store e.g. You might have a location in London for shipping your Magento UK Orders and one in New York for shipping your Magento US orders.

Currency: Select the currency which you are selling in on this store. e.g. For Magento UK you may be selling in British Pound, whereas Magento US may be US Dollar. Veeqo will convert any orders from these stores into the set base currency of your Veeqo account.

Configure advanced setting of your Magento store.

Please note: For Veeqo to accurately push product stock levels 'Stock Management' setting should be enabled on your Magento store.

5. Once you are happy with your settings hit Save. Your store will then appear in Veeqo as INACTIVE. To fully connect your store you will need:

  • Authorize the connection: For this you need your store URL (e.g. and Access Token;

  • Map Magento order statuses to Veeqo order statuses;

  • Map Magento shipping carriers to Veeqo supported carriers.

6. Click on your inactive store, and select ‘AUTHORIZE CONNECTION’.

Please note: If you have basic HTTP authentication turned on, server sometimes can't handle two authentication mechanisms, please set HTTP basic only for web routes and leave /rest/V1/* routes free from basic authentication.

How to generate an Access Token on Magento:

  1. Login to your Magento store;

  2. Go to System > Extensions > Integrations;

  3. Click Add New Integration to display the New Integration page;

  4. Enter a unique name for the integration (e.g. 'Veeqo');

  5. Enter your admin password;

  6. Leave all other fields blank;

  7. Click the API tab and select the Magento resources the integration can access (we have suggested resources below);

  8. Click Save and return to the Integrations page;

  9. Click Activate;

  10. Click Allow and below window will pop up;

11. Copy Access Token to use in Veeqo.

Here are the resources we suggest customers select for integrating with Veeqo:

Please note: Due to known bug on Magento side, in some cases you will need to grant Veeqo 'All Permissions'. Find more.

How to map Order Statuses:

While authorizing your channel you will need to map Magento order statuses to match the ones in Veeqo. This will make sure they are filtered correctly when they are pulled through to the Veeqo.

Veeqo will autodetect some default Magento statuses to map. If you have custom created statuses, you can find them in your Magento Admin > Stores > Order Status.

(Please enter a Magento 'status code' name to map statuses)

Once you are happy hit Save and your products and orders will start pulling into Veeqo. This can take from 30minutes to a few hours.

How to map Shipping Carriers:

While authorizing your channel you will need to map Magento shipping carriers to match the ones in Veeqo. This will make sure tracking information is passed correctly between platform.

Veeqo will autodetect shipping carriers connected to your Magento.

(Please map Magento shipping carriers to Veeqo ones in each dropdown)

Your mappings can be changed in the future if you would like, and you can do this by navigating to your Settings > Stores > selecting your Magento store > Authorize Connection > Edit Store.

Please note: This can be actioned by anyone who has access to the store settings.

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