We now fully integrate with Magento Multi-Source Inventory, allowing you to create multiple shipping sources and store views as different channels, for better visibility of your stock and sales.

Sources are anywhere you sell products, ship or fulfill orders, and stock inventory. So your Magento sources class as warehouses. If the order cannot be fulfilled by one source it will be split across multiple sources where there is stock available.

Read more about Magento Multi-Source Inventory.

Please note: Only via direct Magento integration (Version 2.2+) on Veeqo and only Magento versions 2.3+ are supported for MSI. Contact our Support to find more about it.

This guide will walk you through:

  1. How to enable Multi-Source Inventory;

  2. Adding a new source;

  3. Remapping sources on Veeqo.

Important: Before setting up MSI on Veeqo, please make sure you have created all needed sources on Magento and assigned them to appropriate stocks (stores/store views). Veeqo architecture of the feature will respect the rules set up on Magento. After that please check accuracy of product stock levels per source.

How to enable Multi-Source Inventory:

Important: Make sure you have created appropriate warehouses on Veeqo to map with Magento sources. Create some, if needed.

  1. Go to Stores;

  2. Select your master Magento channel (the one you first connected);

  3. Go to Edit section;

  4. Press 'Remote Warehouses' button;

5. All your Magento sources should appear;

Note: There may be a slight delay so if sources do not appear, check back after a few minutes.

Note: Please before mapping your Magento sources with Veeqo warehouses, add all needed warehouses to Advanced Settings of master channel.

6. Once you can see all of your sources map them to Veeqo warehouses

7. Activate all Magento channels to start syncing process.

Adding a new source:

If you are adding a new source on your Magento setup and assigning product stock levels there, please follow below steps:

  1. Create a source on Magento and assign it to appropriate stocks (stores/store views);

  2. DO NOT assign product stock levels on it;

  3. Wait until Veeqo imports a source (you will see it appear in 'Remote Warehouses' setting);

  4. Map it with appropriate Veeqo warehouse;

  5. Assign product stock levels on Magento for stock levels pulling.

Remapping sources on Veeqo:

If you want to change you current mapping between Magento sources and Veeqo warehouses, please follow below steps:

  1. Go to your Magento master channel in Veeqo (the one you first connected);

  2. Go to Edit section and press 'Remote Warehouses' button;

  3. Change mapping;

  4. If you want stock levels from Magento to override everything after remapping, please use CSV uploading method;

  5. If you want Veeqo to override stock levels (only applicable if Veeqo dictates stock levels for you store), please adjust product stock levels in Products section.


  • Once Veeqo detected MSI you won't be able to activate your channels, you will have to map your Magento sources with Veeqo warehouses first;

  • Magento source might become inactive on Veeqo, if it's disabled or no stock assigned to it on Magento.

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