To advertise different stock levels than what you physically possess, you can set up Inventory Rules.

You can set one rule per store and this rule will apply to all products in that store.


Examples where Inventory Rules can be helpful:

  • Create urgency on your listings by showing stock levels that are lower than inventory actually on-hand

  • Set aside units for retail stores for walk-in customers

  • Leave a buffer of stock to prevent over-selling

  • Other merchandising tactics

In this section:

Enable Inventory Rules

Go to Settings > Marketplace & ecommerce integrations. Select the store for which you want to set an Inventory Rule.


Once viewing the store you want to set rules for, select the Edit tab then scroll all the way down through the store's settings until you see Advanced (Optional) How Stock Quantity Should be Synced

Once you've set up your rule, just hit Save and your rule will be applied to your chosen store.

Setting: Max. Quantity To Advertise

This option shows the maximum stock level to show across all of your products.

For example: If this field is set as 5, Veeqo will show your inventory level as 5 or below. If you have 100 in stock for one product, Veeqo will only show 5 in stock on your listing. 

This can be useful if you want to create urgency with customers, who may think you're going to sell out of the product. 

Setting: Min. Threshold Qty

When your stock is low, Veeqo will tell your store that you are out of stock for this product.  

For example: If this field is set to 2, Veeqo will change your listing's stock level to out of stock when your inventory levels are less than 2.

This can be useful if you have a retail store and you always want to keep at least 2 in stock to sell for walk-in customers.

Setting: % of Quantity

This is the percentage of your inventory level you want to show online. This is automatically defaulted to show 100% (the full stock level you have in Veeqo.) You may want to lower the percentage so you never run out of stock.

For example: If you set this field to 90% it means, Veeqo will only advertise 9 in stock even if you have 10 in your inventory. 

This is similar to 'maximum quantity to advertise' as it will always leave you at least 1 in stock so you never sell out completely. 

Setting: Always Set To

This option means no matter your inventory level, Veeqo will keep all your listings' stock levels set to this number on your store.

For example: If this field is set to 5, Veeqo will always advertise 5 units on your listings even if you have 100 in your inventory. However, the listing will remain at 5 units even if you have 3 in your inventory - potentially leading to overselling.

This is useful when you want to show products as constantly available, without showing that you have an endless inventory. However, you could risk overselling if you always advertise with a specific inventory level.

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