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Leave a reason for manual stock adjustment
Leave a reason for manual stock adjustment

Require your team to leave a reason when changing stock levels manually

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Get more visibility into why inventory levels are manually changed by your team.

How it works

  • When this setting is enabled, your team will be required to leave a reason when stock is manually changed in Veeqo

  • This applies to changes made on your computer, your mobile app (Android and iOS) and the Veeqo scanner

  • Select one of the stock change categories, or leave an optional note

  • View the adjustment reason in both your stock history and the Inventory History Report

  • See the adjustment reason in your stock history and on the Inventory Change Log report

Enable this setting

Note: Only users with permission to change stock quantity can change this setting.

  1. Go to General Settings

  2. Click Inventory

  3. Turn on the option to Require a reason when user changes stock level manually

4. Click Save

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