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Leave a reason for manual stock adjustment
Leave a reason for manual stock adjustment
Require your team to leave a reason when changing stock levels manually
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Get more visibility into why inventory levels are manually changed by your team.

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How it works

  • When this setting is enabled, your team will be required to leave a reason when stock is manually changed in Veeqo

  • This applies to changes made on your computer, your mobile app (Android and iOS) and the Veeqo scanner

  • Select one of the stock change categories, or leave an optional note

  • View the adjustment reason in both your stock history and the Inventory History Report

  • See the adjustment reason in your stock history and on the Inventory Change Log report

Only available on Premium and Enterprise plans. Learn more about different pricing plans.

Enable this setting

To enable this feature, users with permission to change stock quantity can visit General Settings -> Inventory.

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