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Import Stock Levels via CSV
Import Stock Levels via CSV

Set accurate stock starting levels using CSV (before making Veeqo master of stock)

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Prepare Your Stock Upload File

Your stock CSV file needs to have the following columns:

  • SKU code (this SKU code must exist as a Veeqo product SKU)

  • Stock on hand quantity (the physical stock currently sitting on your shelves)

Note: We recommend making a copy of the original before editing. This is really useful to upload back into your Veeqo account should you make any mistakes.

Upload your Stock

1. Head to Inventory and then click the Upload button

2. Select the location you want to upload stock to and set the IMPORT TYPE to Stock levels only

3. Click NEXT

4. Click Upload data from file

5. Select your locally stored CSV file

6. Click Yes for Does this row contain column names?

7. Map your column headers to the matching Veeqo data field

  • Your SKU column header needs to map to the Veeqo data field titled SKU

  • Your stock column header needs to map to the Veeqo data field titled Stock Quantity

If Veeqo correctly matches your column headers, click on Confirm mapping

If it doesn't, click on the dropdown arrow to select the matching value

8. Click Review

9. Click Complete

10. Click Yes for Are you ready to submit?

11. You will receive an e-mail to the user e-mail address that you are currently logged in to confirm whether the import was successful or failed

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