If you need to import a large number of Purchase Orders to Veeqo you can do this in CSV format. 

 In this section:

Import purchase orders

To import purchase orders follow the steps below:

  1. Click Export on Purchase Orders section

  2. Complete the required fields shown in the table below

  3. Go to Purchasing>Purchase Orders and hit Import

Important: When your PO imports Veeqo will automatically generate a purchase order number. However, you can use the reference_number field if you would like to add your own ID as well.

To find your supplier ID see this guide

Export purchase orders

To export follow the steps below:

  1. From Inventory>Purchase Orders select the PO's you want to export

  2. Click Export. Your file will be generated and downloadable from the notification area.

Sample purchase order CSV

Download this sample purchase order CSV for your reference.

CSV headings 

Below details the different headings available on import:

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