Veeqo allows you to fully manage your purchasing process, from generating a Purchase Order to scanning in the items once they arrive.

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Recommended Setup Before Using Purchase Orders

Before you start using the Purchase Order features we recommend that you perform the following:

  1. Create Suppliers or Import Suppliers By CSVĀ 

  2. Associate Suppliers To Products

  3. Add Product Barcodes

  4. Set Re-Order Levels

  5. Edit Templates

  6. Customize From/Reply To Email Address for Purchasing

Purchase Orders Process

  1. Check Demand Forecast report

  2. Create And Send A Purchase Order or Import Purchase Orders By CSV

  3. Book In Stock - Veeqo Scanner or Book In Stock

Multi-currency and multi-tax

Veeqo's purchasing function supports multi-currency and multi-tax rates for your suppliers.

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