To prevent users from attempting to order items from the wrong supplier you can associate products to particular suppliers. This will also automatically assign the saved cost price and Suppliers Product Reference for these products when you add them to your Purchase Order

Tip: You can create a Purchase Order for your suppliers without connecting them first, however you will need to manually enter the cost price for these products each time. To learn how to do this check out the Adding Products To POs guide.


Associating suppliers and products by CSV:

To perform this task in bulk first make sure your Suppliers have been Added To Veeqo. Then follow the steps below

1. From the Products page click Export and choose your warehouse and select Export Supplier Prices And References.

2. Download the CSV file from the Notification Bell

NOTE: Whenever working with CSV files we always recommend you keep a backup. So when this file downloads open it up, save it under a new name to create a copy before editing.

When opening the file you'll see 4 columns for each supplier you have

  • supplier_###_id =The unique supplier id that Veeqo uses to identify this supplier. 
  • supplier_###_name = The name of the supplier in Veeqo. Do not change this. If you want to edit this please do so using by following This Guide.
  • supplier_###_cost = The cost price for the product in the currency of your supplier.
  • supplier_###_ref = The reference your supplier uses to identify the product.

Copy the supplier name, cost price and optionally add a reference in the rows for the products you want to associate with the supplier.

3. Save the file under a new name and go to Products and hit Import.

4. Choose "All" as Import Type.

When importing the products CSV file back into Veeqo, you may find that the supplier fields will show the message 'Unable to automatically match'. You will need to click 'Include as custom field'.

To pre-populate these fields, when exporting your products, you will need to check the following:

  • Export supplier prices and references
  • Export all suppliers
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