In Veeqo you can set minimum, maximum and re-order quantities against each of your products per warehouse (location)

How to set Minimum, Maximum and Re-Order Qty's:

  • Go to the Products page
  • Once you have found your product, click into it to bring up the Product Summary
  • Select the variant and warehouse you want and enter the value for Minimum, maximum and the reorder Qty
  • On the left hand panel, enter the figure in the Replenishment section

Min. Stock Qty = The inventory threshold once reached the product should be re-ordered.
Max Stock Qty =  The Maximum qty you can store at that location.
Reorder Qty = The typical stock amount that you would re-order from your supplier.

You can also bulk update the minimum, maximum and re-order quantities via CSV. To learn how to import products via CSV, please follow this guide



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