Set minimum, maximum and re-order quantities against each of your products per warehouse (location).

How re-order levels can be used:

  • Easily replenish stock by bulk creating purchase orders for items below reorder levels

  • On the Product Summary, see if an item needs to be replenished

In this section:

Set reorder levels for a single product

Go to the Inventory Page. Once you have found your product, click on it to bring up the Product Summary

Select the variant and warehouse you want and enter the value for Minimum, maximum and the reorder Qty. On the left-hand panel, enter the figure in the Replenishment section.

Min. Stock Qty

When this inventory threshold is reached, the product should be re-ordered.

This will trigger the product to be included in the Demand Forecast report (when based on reorder levels)

Reorder Qty

The typical stock amount that you would re-order from your supplier.

When using the Demand Forecast report (based on reorder levels), the purchase order will be set to this stock amount by default

Max Stock Qty (optional)

The Maximum qty you can store at that location.

This will cap the recommended reorder quantity on the Demand Forecast report (when based on reorder levels)

Set reorder levels in bulk

Bulk update the minimum, maximum and re-order quantities via CSV. To learn how to import products via CSV, please follow this guide



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