Veeqo now guides you through the product import process, whether it is for updating product information or bulk importing all product information, Veeqo highlights any issues and lets you easily review and edit as you are importing.  

Note: Always make sure you have a backup Product CSV file which has been saved before you have made any changes to it, as changes cannot be undone.

Bulk Importing Products:

Make sure your CSV file has the following fields present and information populated.   

  • SKU code
  • Product title
  • Sell Price
  • Tax

Use this CSV, that has examples of every field you can include in an import, as a reference. The more information the product has the better.

  • To Import your products click on the import button on the products page 


  • You can then select the warehouse you would like to update and select the import type.If you are just uploading new products select the Import Type as All.
  • Click NEXT to begin the import 
  • The screen below will appear and you will be able to upload your CSV by selecting the ‘Upload Data from File’ button, or manually enter your individual product info in the table provided. 
  • Next, confirm the row that has the column titles in.

At this stage, you will be able to confirm the mapping of your fields, ignore and delete columns that are needed and correct any information that has not matched correctly.

When the import is complete you will be able to map your field

  • Confirm the mapping when you are happy that it is matched to the right field
  • Ignore the column if there is no data, or you don't want to include it 
  • Edit the mapping if Veeqo has mapped it incorrectly, select the down arrow next to the fields name to manually choose the field name 
  • Click Review and you will be shown all of the information you have just imported.
  • You can now review any issues and correct them by selected ‘Only show rows with problems’.
  • Select complete and you will be taken back to the product page, once the file has been successfully uploaded you will receive an email!


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