On occasions you may want to export your products from Veeqo to either access useful product information in bulk, or perform edits to your products.

Note: If you have a large amount of products & variants it can take a while for this file to generate. If you wish to make changes to the downloaded product CSV file and upload it back into Veeqo we recommend you check out the Update/Edit Products In Bulk guide first.

Exporting your Products:

  • Go to the Products page
  • Click on the Export button


  • A pop-up window will then display which will ask you which warehouse you would like to export your products from. This is in a drop down format.
  • You can either select the warehouse you are wanting or you can select 'All warehouses' if you wish(If you choose to select All Warehouses, the location of your products will not be exported)
  • When you have selected the warehouse you wish to export your products from, ensure that you tick Do Not Export Description Column. We recommend selecting this option as some products contain HTML code that can cause issues when re-importing back into Veeqo
  • Once you have chosen your warehouse, click the Export Products button 

You also have the option to export supplier prices and references and export all suppliers

  • Export supplier prices and references: If any products have supplier prices set, then we will add columns for each supplier and price.
  • Export all suppliers: For every supplier you have setup, a column will be added. This is good if you want to bulk add supplier prices for your products and import them back in.

The CSV file will then start to be generated in the notification bell which is located at the top right hand corner of your Veeqo account.

Note: If you are unable to download this file after 1 hour please contact helpme@veeqo.com

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