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Bulk Update Products By CSV
Bulk Update Products By CSV

Update your existing Veeqo products in bulk

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To update your existing products in Veeqo, you will need to generate a product export from Veeqo first by following this guide.

Read more about each product column and their formatting here.


  • DO NOT edit the product_id field as this defines which product you are updating. If you change this it may cause duplicates.

  • Always make sure you have a backup Product CSV file which has been saved before you have made any changes to it, as changes cannot be undone.

  • Make sure your CSV file has the following fields present and information populated.

    • SKU code

    • Product title

    • Sell Price

    • Tax

  • If you want to ensure your stock levels are not affected by your product updates, remove the "total_qty" field from the CSV file before you upload your changes

  • There is a limit of 1000 lines per CSV file to ensure stability during upload, files with more than 1000 lines will not upload correctly.

Bulk update products

Once you have exported the CSV file and made the changes to your products please follow these steps -

1. Click on the Upload button on the Inventory Page

2. If you're also updating stock levels, make sure to select the correct location into which you want to upload stock

3. Set IMPORT TYPE to All

4. Click NEXT

5. Click Upload Data from File

6. Click Yes for Does this row contain column names?

7. Review the mapping of your fields:

  • Set the status to ✔ Confirmed mapping if you are happy that the wizard has matched your CSV column header to the right Veeqo product field

  • Set the status to Ignored if the CSV column has no data, or you don't want to include it in the import

  • Edit the mapping if Veeqo has mapped it incorrectly, by clicking the Lookup matching fields dropdown menu and selecting the matching Veeqo data field to your CSV column name

8. Click Review and you will be shown all of the information you have just imported.

9. You can now review any issues and correct them by selecting Only show rows with problems

10. Click Complete

The import can take up to 30 minutes, depending on your file size. Once the import is completed, we send an email to the user who has performed the CSV import.

If your import has failed for any reason, we will notify you with the error so you can correct it in the CSV and re-import. This is also displayed in the email we send to the user.

To troubleshoot any errors during import please check out the Solving Product Import/Export Errors guide

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