With Veeqo's Returns and refunds functionality, it allows retailers to manage all their returns and refunds in one place. The Returns/Refund Management provides a single view that each department (Customer Service, Finance, Fulfilment) can use to easily identify which request they need to perform a specific action on.

Returns List:

The Returns list shows all return and refund requests. There can be multiple return/refund requests per order, each with their own unique Return Number starting with the prefix RN-

You can filter by the Request Status and Payment Status of the request.

Return/Refund Request:

A Return/Refund Request has two tabs, Edit and Receive. The request can be access by either clicking on it from the Returns List or from the Returns section of the Order Summary:

  • The Edit view is for the Customer Service and Finance teams to access the critical information they need to perform their action on the request.

  • The Receive view is used by the Fulfilment team to mark items as received back in the warehouse.


To create an exchange first create a return for the item the customer is returning. Then create a Duplicate order. On the duplicate order add the new product that the customer would like and then remove all other items. Adjust the product amount to take the previous orders balance into account.

Please note that at the moment we push refunds only to Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and Vend.

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