After a Return/Refund Request has been Created you can mark the payment as being paid. For more information on how Returns/Refunds work in Veeqo check out This Guide.

Marking a Request as Paid will update the order in Veeqo to reflect any refund amounts that have been processed. This will help the Customer Service team know if the customer is entitled to any future refunds. The Customer Service team will also be able to inform the customer of the date/time it the request was paid.

The Returns screen also makes it easy for the Finance team to know which refunds they have and haven't processed.

Note: Veeqo does not trigger or process the refund payment to the customer. This needs to be completed on the payment gateway or the store first.

To mark a Request as paid follow these steps below

1. Head to Orders>Returns and choose the Filter options Ready To Refund and  Refund Paid? = No. This will show you all Requests that are set to be paid.

Alternatively search for the Return Number in the Search box. 

2. Click on the first Request to view the details. Confirm the amount is correct and use the customer information shown to process the actual payment to the customer outside of Veeqo. Once the payment has been confirmed check the Mark As Paid checkbox and hit Save.

Note: You can not reverse this so make sure that the payment has been completed first.

Tip: If you don't need to manually update the customer to inform them that the payment has been processed you can go ahead and set the status to Completed. This will reduce the amount of Requests in the Ready To Refund status.



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