This guide shows how members of the Fulfilment/Warehouse team can receive items that have been returned. For an overview of the Refund/Returns Management feature check out This Guide.

If you would like to Book Items in from a purchase order check out This Guide

Tip: If you don't have a separate Customer Service and Warehouse team you can mark return requests as Received by switching to the Receive tab on the Return Request

To Receive items find the customers order on the Orders page and follow these steps:

1. From the Order Breakdown hit the Receive button in the Returning section. If you don't see any products list in this section then that means that not items are being expected to be returned. This is typically because either:

  • The customer has sent items back without requesting a return

  • The courier was unable to deliver the items

In these cases a Return Request will be automatically created for this order once you have marked these items as Received.

2. Enter the quantity of items that have been received along with any relevant notes that will be useful for other users to see then hit Receive.

  • QTY. To Restock - When you hit Receive these items will automatically be added back to your available inventory.

  • QTY. To Write Off - Veeqo will not add these items into your inventory

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