Internal Notes For Orders

Collaborate with Team Members about specific orders using Internal Notes

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You can use Internal Notes to discuss any part of a customers order with other team members. These "behind-the-scenes" conversations can help you provide a seamless experience for the customer.


Use @Mentions to instantly notify a team mate about a specific note. No more endless e-mail threads and having to copy and paste order details, or searching around to speak to the Location Manager and then forgetting the order number you were meant to update.

Just type @ and then Veeqo will start showing you suggested Team Members you can include on the note. The notified team member will also be given a handy link to jump straight to that specific order in Veeqo.

This can be really useful if a customer has requested a refund you can tag a member of the finance team to ask if the payment has been processed. Or perhaps you need to let the team at your location know that there's been a last minute change to the order.

Order History

There are times when you need to see a more detailed view of what happened and when. You can view the timeline of an order just by clicking on its History tab. Here you'll be able to see each event that took place.

Internal notes are also included as part of the timeline, so now you can easily see if the team member updated the order without having to ask them. For more information check out the Order History guide.

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