Edit an Order

Edit orders created in Veeqo or synced from your sales channels

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  1. Go to the orders page

  2. Click on your order

  3. Go to the Edit tab in the top left-hand corner.

IMPORTANT: If you remove or edit line items within an order then Amazon, Shopify, and eBay stores will no longer sync with that order. If you change the status of this edited order in Veeqo you will have to manually perform the same task on the store also.

4. In the Edit section, you can change any information currently in your order including:

  • Products that are in the order

  • The price

  • The address that the order is billed or shipped to

  • Customer information that is included in the order

  • Internal and customer notes

  • Resend customer emails

5. After making any changes click Save at the bottom to make the change permanent.

Note: Changes made to orders in Veeqo will not be reflected on your store(s). We recommend you add internal order notes on your store to keep track of these edits.

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