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Order shipping address changes on Shopify
Updated over a week ago

Our integration with Shopify allows you to keep Shipping Address edits from Shopify up to date on Veeqo.

How it works?

  • Edits will be imported for each field in Shipping Address including customer email;

  • Edits will be pulled near real time for processing/shipped/canceled orders;

  • Edits will be logged in order history.

To enable the feature:

  1. Find your Shopify store;

  2. Switch to 'Edit' tab and 'Advanced Settings';

  3. Enable 'Import Order Edits'.

Important notes:

  • Currently Veeqo does not pull Shipping Address changes, if Shopify order is fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

  • If you update Shipping Address on Veeqo and enable a feature, Shopify will each time override the data.

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