Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) setup
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Amazon FBA - What is it?

Amazon - Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) is a very popular solution for online retailers. At times you may wish to choose Amazon to fulfill a portion of your orders through their FBA program. You can find out more on our handy FBA Overview guide.


  • Veeqo will only pull stock levels for Amazon FBA listings. Veeqo will not push stock levels to your FBA listings.

  • Amazon FBA do not support kits. To sell your kits through Amazon FBA you will need to create a simple product for the kit and pre-bundle your kits before sending them to FBA.

  • The currency for your FBA store must match the currency of the store it is connected to.

​With Veeqo you can:

  • Keep track of all your FBA and FBM orders and their current status. Click here to find out more;

  • View the current stock of your FBA and FBM products separately;

  • Analyze your reports to see how your products are selling on either Amazon FBA and FBM;

  • Send orders from other channels (like eBay and Shopify) to be shipped by FBA using Multi-Channel Fulfillment;

  • Create stock transfers and picking lists for your warehouse team. Click here to find out more!

If you already use Amazon FBA and your Amazon FBM store has been integrated with Veeqo, then use the guide below to learn how to switch on your FBA integration.
Also, If you'd like to sign up to Amazon FBA or would like to know more about the benefits go here.

How to enable FBA on your Amazon store:

3. If you haven't already, you will need to connect an Amazon store in Veeqo. To see how, follow this guide.

4. Once connected Click onto your Amazon store.

5. When the store window pops up click on the Edit tab and then tick 'Show Advanced Settings'

6. Scroll down to the FBA section (5) and turn on the option Sync Amazon FBA orders? and hit Save;

7. A brand new store will be automatically created on the Stores page with the name of your Amazon store followed by the letters FBA. It will also have the Amazon FBA logo to help you identify it from your standard Amazon store. You will also see a new FBA Location auto created to which Veeqo will sync Inventory figures from Amazon

Note: By default the Amazon FBA store will have the tax by country option switched OFF. With this option left switched off the tax amount will default 0%.

To switch it on click on the Amazon FBA store then select the Edit tab. Press the toggle button next to the option When Orders Are Synced, Adjust The Tax Amount Based On The Shipping Country Of The Order. To set the tax amount for countries visit the guide on Calculating Taxes.

8. Your FBA product listings will begin to be pulled into Veeqo and your FBA orders will then start to pull through.

Important: Veeqo currently does not import historical orders for FBA channels.

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