Often issues can occur with overselling between FBA & FBM Amazon stock. This can sometimes occur due to 'Ghost Listings' created on Amazon.

In these cases, multiple FBM listings occur on Amazon with one SKU's inventory being controlled correctly whereas the other one will have it's stock remain unchanged allowing a customer to purchase a product when it is currently unavailable in Seller Central.

How to tell if overselling is due to a 'Ghost Listing'?

If you suspect that there has been overselling due to an error on either side, you should contact our support team using the live chat feature or by phone. Our team of engineers will be able to investigate and identify if the order has been placed due to this known error. The engineer will look for an FBA order with a line item due to be fulfilled by merchant.

We believe this issue is occurs when FBA stock is updated on Amazon, however Veeqo does not sync stock to FBA, it only receives it - therefore when speaking to our support team regarding this issue it is important to make sure you inform them of all relevant plugins or third party apps that may be affecting your FBA stock on Amazon. This will help our engineers diagnose the issue.

What should I do if 'Ghost Listings' are causing me to oversell?

The advice provided by searching external forums is to remove the product from Amazon and recreate it in Seller Central. Veeqo will then pull in this new listing and link it to the relevant Veeqo product.

For further information or guidance on Amazon Ghost Listings, we advise searching the Amazon Seller Central Forums or reaching out to Amazon Seller support directly.

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