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Create, edit, assign permissions and deleting users in Veeqo

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It's important that each team member has their own user account in Veeqo. Different members of your team might need different access to Veeqo, work at different locations or need different permissions to the product.

This guide will show you everything from setting up a new user, through assigning permissions to deleting a user that's no longer needed.

Creating a new user

To create a new user in Veeqo, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Users

2. Click + New User

3. Add your user's details, this includes:

  • Name

  • Email

  • The user's timezone

  • Their default location

  • The default store selected when the user creates manual orders

Assigning user permissions

There are different user roles that can be applied to individual users that will adjust account permissions and what sections of Veeqo they have access to.

Here you can watch our video on permissions restrictions: User permissions: stock adjustments

You may want to update a user's role and permissions:

  • If you don't want them to see sensitive data or sales information, such as Sales reports and.

  • If you don't want them to have access to important settings, such as Store Settings.

Note: Only the account owner can assign and edit user roles.

Adding user roles

User roles can be assigned to specific users when Creating / Editing a user.

Head to Settings and click Users to manage your users.

1. Here you can:

  • Select +New User to create a new user.

  • Edit an existing user by selecting the Edit pencil next to their name.

2. Select a user role from the User Role dropdown in the User Profile section. Select Update User at the bottom of the page to apply changes and update the user's permissions.

3. Each user role gives different account permissions and access:

To see the full list of Permissions available per user role, head to View Permissions.

Permissions access

User roles with the permissions enabled, have access to:

Setting a user's default location:

The Veeqo account owner can assign a user a default location. The default location will be selected when this user:

1. Views the orders page (Ready To Ship, Shipped, Payment Required, Cancelled)

2. Allocates orders

3. Performs Stock Take

4. Adjusts stock to a variant product

5. Whens shipping an individual order the users default location allocation will open first.

6. Default warehouse will be assigned when new Purchase Orders are created

  • Go to Settings

  • Click on Users

  • Click the pencil icon under the Actions column

  • Scroll down to Account Settings

  • Choose a default location from the drop down menu

  • Click Update User

Delete a user

Only the account owner can delete an Employee from their Veeqo account. The users previous activity will still be visible within the app for future reference.

The account owner can not be removed from Veeqo.

Note: Once a user has been deleted this can not be undone. If you accidentally remove a user you will need to re-add them by hitting the + New User button. As they are a new user their activity on performance reports will be shown individually.

How to delete a user:

  • Head to Settings

  • Click on Users

  • Click on the bin icon next to the user you wish to delete

  • A pop-up box will then appear where you can either Cancel or Delete the user.

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