Order Search and Filter
Use search and filters to flexibly find, print, export and ship your orders
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Veeqo's new and improved order filters allow you to filter, print, export, and ship your orders in a flexible way, with functionality for each team member's needs.

Search through your orders with individual filters or combine as many as you need for a more refined search.

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Filter orders

You can filter your search by:

  • Status: Payment required, Waiting for stock, Ready to ship, Shipped, Cancelled, Refunded, Amazon to ship, Pending

  • Order info:   Order Number, Product Name, SKU, Tracking Number

  • Customer info:   Name, Email, Zipcode/Postcode

  • Date Range: Order Created Date, Shipped Date, Due Date        

  • Location: Filter your order by the location/locations that the inventory is allocated to or is shipping from 

  • Shipping country: Any country you currently ship to

  • Inventory: If you use Veeqo's inventory management system, you can filter for orders waiting for stock to be assigned, partially assigned or fully assigned.

  • Delivery Method: Any courier and shipping option 

  • Order Tags: Filter by an individual tag, multiple tags or orders with no tags.

  • Mergeable: Filter to see which orders have the same address to determine whether they can be shipped together 

  • Picked: See which orders are not picked, picked, or picking in progress

  • Printed: See which orders have invoices printed or not printed

  • Amazon delivery: Premium or Prime orders

  • Shipping area: Domestic or international shipments 

  • Order weight: Input a weight range   

  • Total product units: total quantity of items shipped/ ordered 

  • Number of line items: the total number of different types of products in an order

  • Picked By: once an order has been digitally picked you can filter by which user picked them.

  • Address Status: Filter for orders with verified address, unverified address, or address errors

Select the filter you want and a drop-down menu will then allow you to specify the information you want to filter. You can also write your search term in the search bar with or without filters selected, depending on how specific you want your search to be.

Export orders 

Each team member can filter to their specific needs and export the information to a CSV. Simply:

  • Select the filters needed and fill in any specific info

  • Select the tick box on the top left above the order to select all of your results

  • Click Actions and then Click Export to export your CSV file with all of your order information


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