Order Tags

Use tags flexibly for your workflow. Filter orders, create order rules, see sales reporting and more.

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Add tags to your orders and easily filter in Veeqo.

Tags can be useful for keeping track of orders and can be used in order rules to speed up your shipping process. 

Examples of how order tags can be used:

  • Easily find orders by using tags in filters

  • Save commonly used filters as Views for easy access

  • Create Order Rules using tags to speed up your shipping process

  • See sales reporting based on order tags

Create a new tag

  1. Select the plus symbol at the end of your order under the Tag symbol 


2. Select + New tag, add a name and assign it a color.

3. Click Create Tag and you’re all done. You can now start assigning this tag to orders and using it in your order rules.

Add a tag to an order 

  1. Go to the orders page

  2. Select the + symbol at the right of the order you want to add tags to.

  3. Select the relevant tags to add to your order.


  1. Click into the order you want to add a tag to

  2. Click + Add at the top right of the window.

  3. Select the tag you want to add.


Remove a tag from an order

  1. Click into the order you want to untag.

  2. Click on the "X" icon next to the tag you would like to remove.


Delete a tag

  1. Go to the orders page

  2. Click the + icon next to any order

  3. Delete tags from the pop-up screen by clicking the bin icon. This will remove the tag from all associated orders. 






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