Automate some of your day-to-day tasks in Veeqo by setting order rules to perform the following actions:

  • Assign order tags
  • Setting shipping carrier and services¬†
  • Auto print invoice after order shipped
  • Selecting invoice template for each order
  • Creating internal note

Common usage of order rules

  • Having a different invoice design for each sales channel or language.
  • Auto selecting the right shipping carrier and service depending on order weight/value/destination/customer choice.
  • Tag orders when they contain certain products or
  • If order weight is very high send by different shipping carrier
  • If it's Amazon Prime order set urgent tag and place into VIP picking queue
  • Creating picking batches (order tags) based around each of your shipping carrier (or however your group orders for picking).

Setting up your rules

Read the guides below on the triggers > conditions > actions you can use with rules and start creating your own.

You can find Order rules feature under Settings > Rules.

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