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Troubleshoot Orders not Shipping and Missing Services
Troubleshoot Orders not Shipping and Missing Services

This article will provide common reasons why your orders are not shipping and missing services from Veeqo

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Carrier Errors

If you are having shipping errors from a certain carrier then please see list to the relevant guides below:



General Issues

If you cannot ship an order in Veeqo, please follow the general issues listed below. If none of the below applies please contact support via our live chat service or by email on with the order number and screenshots of the error message to aid with the investigation.

Common Errors

Listed below are the common issues when orders are not shipping in Veeqo and how to resolve them:

  • Shipping Address Missing - Ensure that you add the shipping address to the order, you can do this by going into the order then select ‘Edit’

  • Weight Missing - Ensure that you have added weight to the order, you can do this in the shipping screen or you can add weight to your products inside the inventory page, this will then carry the weight over automatically to the shipping page

  • Missing HS Code - If you are shipping an international order, you must add in a HS code. You can do this on the shipping screen or you can add HS codes to your products inside the inventory page. To find HS codes for your products, please click here

  • Missing Customer Email and Phone Number - Some carriers require you to add in the Customer Email and Phone Number information, you can do this by going into the order and then select ‘Edit’

  • Invalid Location - Ensure that your location address is correct before shipping orders, you can check your location details by following the steps below:

    • Go to Settings

    • Locations

    • Select the location which is allocated to the order

    • Press ‘Edit’

    • You will be able to double check your address here, please make sure all the required fields are filled in

    • Save the changes

Missing Services

If you cannot find a specific service you are looking to ship with then please see the list of reasons below:

  • Collection times - Depending on the collection time for your carrier, we will not show services if it does not meet the delivery promise. For example, if you are trying to ship past your cut off time for a Next Day Service, this service will not appear on the shipping screen. If you are looking to find your collection times you can contact us for the following services:

    • DHL

    • DPD

    • DHL Parcel UK

    • DPD Local

    • MyHermes/Evri

    • Parcelforce

For all other carriers, you will need to request the information directly from the carrier

  • Royal Mail International Services - Some countries will not accept with signature or tracked parcels, depending on where the order is shipped will depend which services will be shown on the shipping page. Please see this document from Royal Mail showing all service types allowed for which country

  • Missing Royal Mail Services - After adding a new service through Royal Mail, it can take a few days for the service to be pulled into Veeqo. If the service hasn’t pulled through after 72 hours please contact the support team

  • Missing Services - Please ensure that you do have the service available in your carrier account, we will pull all services that are shown as available to use on your carrier account. We will not show shipping service if the dimensions and weight exceed the service limit, for example, if your parcel is over 5kg we will not show the service where the weight has exceeded that.

Address Validation


Make sure that the correct country is used for the shipping address added to the order. For Example, for the channel islands you must add Guernsey and Jersey instead of the United Kingdom.

However for shipments to Puerto Rico, please check the Country to ensure that it the Country listed in the order is United States.

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