Picking Queues

Picking Queues are used to prioritise which types of orders should be picked first when your pickers click Accept Batch on the Veeqo Scanner. The queues can be viewed, priorities, enabled/disabled, created and deleted by going to Dashboard>Picking Dashboard.

By default the Picking Dashboard will have one picking queue called Other Orders. This queue contains any orders that aren't in any other queue.

  • 16 - The larger number is the total number of products that are left to pick. 
  • 17 in backlog - This shows how many items were left over from the previous day that still needs to be picked.
  • 0 picked - The total number of items that have been picked today

A picking queue is made up of all orders which have a specific Order Tag. To create a new queue hit + New Queue then select one of your order tags. You can then move the new queue around the board to prioritise which types of orders you want to pick first.

Note: If an order contains more than one tag it will be shown in all picking queues for these tags on the Dashboard, but once you pick it in one queue it will be removed out of the other ones as well.

Each queue has a checkbox that can turn it on/off - if you turn a queue off, the active queue will become the top priority. This will be useful if you've had a surge of orders with a particular tag - you can turn off all other tags so all created batches are for the one specific tag.

If you want to remove queue just click on bin icon

Automating Your Tags

You can either Tag your orders manually or use Smart Order Rules to automatically tag your orders based on certain criteria, E.g. IF an order is going to the UK and the allocation weight is greater than 11000g = apply DHL order tag.


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