Note: The Two Factor Authentication feature isn't currently supported on the Veeqo android mobile app. If you would like to disable this so that you start using the mobile app, you will need to head to Users, where you can then edit and disable the two factor authentication feature.

Note: As the android scanner runs off of WiFi, there is no need for a SIM card in order to use it with Veeqo.

The VS1 scanner and Android app give you the power to streamline your warehouse workflow digitally. Both now harnessing the same mobile version of Veeqo, allowing efficient workflow around your warehouse and business. 

Existing Veeqo Customers Order Your VS1 Here

Getting Started

Just received your VS1, follow this guide on how to get started - Getting Started - VS1 


Product - Search for any product to get all the information you need. 

Orders - Check what orders you have and do simple picking.

Booking in stock - Scan your purchase orders in as they arrive.

Cycle Stock Take - Keep your stock level up to date with digital stock take.

Batch Picking - Paperless picking that accurately locates and quick picks your orders

Sales Dashboard - Android app sales dashboard to view yesterday and today's sales

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