You can add tags to your orders to create your own filtering methods in Veeqo. Tags can be really useful for keeping track of orders you have had any issues with or perhaps have come from a certain marketing campaign etc

1. Click on the + button at the right of any of your orders

2. Click on + NEW TAG on the new pop up

3. You can now name your tag and also give it a colour code. Then simply click on CREATE TAG to save

4. You can now create order tagging rules to let Veeqo automatically tag orders if they match certain criteria via this guide or manually tag your orders by setting a check mark in the relevant orders' checkboxes

5. Click on the ACTIONS button and select Create and update tags

6. Click into the white checkboxes next to the order tags that you want to apply. Once you have selected the tags that you want to assign to the order, press the Add Tags button

7. Once you have added the tag to the order, in the bottom left-hand side of the screen you should then see a notification stating Tags updated successfully

8. Your order should then have the assigned tag attached.

9. You can filter your orders by clicking on the FILTERS button then expanding the Tags option and selecting the relevant tag

10. To remove a tag simply click into the order you want to untag. You will then see the tag assigned to the order, and you then need to click on the X next to the tag. This will then remove the tag from the order.

11. You can also archive Tags from the pop-up screen by simply clicking on the bin icon. This will then remove the Tag from the list that can be attributed to the order. 

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