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Find product variants and kits with search and 10+ filters

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On the Inventory Page, easily find your products, variants and kits using search and 10+ filters.

Product variant filters

To find specific item(s) in mind, use one of the following filters:

  • Variant name - Show items with a specific variant name or title (exact match)

  • Variant SKU - Show items with a specific SKU (exact match)

  • Barcode - Show items with a specific barcode (exact match)

  • Stock quantity - Show only items with 'On hand' stock levels in the specified range

  • Brands - Select one of your brands from the list to show all items associated with it

  • Stores - Choose only items that have a listing on a selected store

  • Locations - Show only items that have been added to that location

  • Kits - Show only items that are sold individually, or sold as a bundle (kit)

  • Review - Show potentially duplicate items that may require your review. Merging duplicate items helps Veeqo accurately display stock levels on listings

  • Tags - Filter for specific product tags

Product variant search

To find several similar items, use the search functionality on the Inventory Page with the following dimensions:

  • Product and variant name

  • SKU

  • Barcode

The search is based on "fuzzy search", which helps identify non-exact matches. This is helpful when exact details (e.g. SKU) are unknown or too long to type. To find exact matches more easily, use filters on the Inventory Page (see above for details).

Note: Veeqo can only search for Names, SKUs and Barcodes if they are longer than 2 letters/numbers

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