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Create a Not On The High Street (NOTHS) Placeholder SKU
Updated over a week ago

Important: Read this article about why this is vital.

How to create a placeholder SKU on NOTHS?

1. Click on the matching Veeqo product to open the product pop up window

2. Click on + NEW VARIANT

3. Type the following into the new variant form;

  • Description field - NOTHS;

  • SKU field - A unique SKU that doesn't match any of your existing SKUs, perhaps use the product SKU prefix in combination with the suffix "-NOTHS", like the below example "SUP-NOTHS".

4. Click on 'Save';

5. Set the stock to infinite or a random high stock value to make it purchasable on NOTHS;

6. Head to your NOTHS admin panel and find the matching product and give it the same SKU code (it would be 'SUP-NOTHS' as in the above example);

7. Once a NOTHS order syncs into Veeqo for one of the variants, take a mental note of the line item note;

8. Click on 'Edit';

9. On the products search, search for the "real" variant that has the correct stock on it;

10. Delete the NOTHS line item;

11. Click on 'Save';

Now the order is ready to be picked and shipped.

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