Connecting your Not On The High Street (NOTHS) store
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IMPORTANT: If you are selling NOTHS listings with variants/options, please read our Help Guide before setting up your store on Veeqo.

How does the NOTHS integration work?

  • Every 10 minutes, new orders will be download from NOTHS to Veeqo;

  • Once the order is properly allocated on Veeqo, it will be set to 'Accepted' on NOTHS platform automatically;

  • When you ship an order in Veeqo, NOTHS is updated with the shipment details, this includes the fulfilment status, any tracking numbers along with an email confirmation sent to your customer;

  • IMPORTANT: Your NOTHS listing SKU must match your Veeqo product SKU. If you have listings on NOTHS with a blank SKU or SKU that don't have a matching Veeqo product SKU, Veeqo will not import those orders;

  • IMPORTANT: Veeqo is unable to dictate the stock for your NOTHS store due to NOTHS API Limitations

How to connect your store to Veeqo?

1. Log into your NOTHS admin panel and navigate to Settings > API Tokens > Generate Token. Keep the API token copied for Step 6;

2. Click here to create a new channel on Veeqo and set the store type to NotOnTheHighStreet;

3. Set your currency, default location and store name on the pop up and click on 'Save';

4. On your store overview page, click on the NOTHS channel you just created;


6. Paste the NOTHS API Token into the 'API token' field;
7. Set your 'Estimated Dispatch Days' and 'Estimated Delivery Duration' for all the shipping methods shown. Please ensure you set these correctly as per you NOTHS Metrics in order to not to be penalized by NOTHS;

8. Check on the checkbox for 'I agree with terms above';

9. Click on 'Connect'.

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