Connecting your Etsy store
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How does the Etsy integration work?

  • Every 10 minutes, new orders will be download from Etsy to Veeqo.

  • When you ship an order in Veeqo, Etsy is updated with the details. This includes the fulfilment status, any tracking numbers along with an email confirmation sent to your customer.

  • Every 60 minutes, Veeqo checks for new products in Etsy to be downloaded.

  • When stock levels change for a product in Veeqo, the changes will be pushed to Etsy immediately. *

IMPORTANT: We currently do not support pulling shipped order status from Etsy.

How to connect your Etsy store:

  1. Go settings and select Marketplace & e-commerce integrations (or click here to head straight to Wizard - Step 3)

  2. Click '+ New Store' and you will be directed to the New Sales Channel Wizard;

  3. Select Etsy;

4. Veeqo will generate API tokens and then ask you to proceed to "Connect Etsy"

5. You will be directed to Etsy and asked to Log In

6. You will be given an overview of what you are agreeing to and then asked to Allow Access

7. Once you have allowed access you will be taken to the Initial Config screen. Select your options and click FINISH AND BACK TO VEEQO.

Veeqo will start pulling your products, stock levels and orders. The first pull, will take between 5 minutes and a couple of hours depending on how many products/orders you have.

Head to Marketplace & Ecommerce Integrations, click into your ETSY Store > EDIT > Show Advanced Settings to make any additional settings selections.

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