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Connecting your BigCommerce store
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How does the BigCommerce integration work?

  • Every 10 minutes, new orders will download from BigCommerce to Veeqo;

  • When you ship an order in Veeqo, BigCommerce is updated with the details. This includes the fulfillment status, any tracking numbers along with an email confirmation sent to your customer;

  • Every 10 minutes, Veeqo checks for new products in BigCommerce to be downloaded;

  • When stock levels change for a product in Veeqo, the changes will be pushed to BigCommerce.

How to connect a BigCommerce store to your Veeqo account?

1. Head to Settings

2. Go to Marketplace and Ecommerce integrations
3. Click on the '+New Store' button;
4. In the new store screen, select "Other" as the store type and click continue

5. Select Big Commerce from the "Type" dropdown

6. Add the details for your BigCommerce store:

- Name: Give your store a name to be used in Veeqo. e.g. 'BigCommerce UK';

- Default location: Select which location you'd like to use for this particular store;

- Currency: Select the currency which you are selling in for this particular store. Veeqo will convert any orders from these stores into the set base currency of your Veeqo account;

- Store Shipping Email: By default Veeqo will use the company email, found in Settings > General. However, you can add a separate email address for this store here;

7. Once you've added all your store details, hit the Save button to create the store;

8. Authorize Connection: This will take you to the BigCommerce integration page to connect your store. Input the credentials and press connect. 

9. You will now need to generate BigCommerce credentials for Veeqo with the steps in this guide.

Note: In OAuth Scopes pick Modify rights for Orders and Products and Read-Only for Customers and Information & settings

11. Fill in all the required keys and press 'Connect'.

Initial sync of data will start right after that. It might take from 15minutes to several hours depending on how many products/orders you have.

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