Import Orders By CSV
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On occasions you may want to import orders into Veeqo, the reason for this is that they may be historical orders that you want in Veeqo or they could be orders from another software solution. You can import orders into Veeqo from a CSV file. 

Orders from integrated stores will import automatically.

Before you can import orders

  • Product in the orders already exists in Veeqo. 

If you need to import products first, either add the product on one of your stores and let it sync into Veeqo or manually Create A Product or Import Products By CSV.

Required fields in CSV file

The following key fields must be filled in when trying to import an order:

  • number - The order number of the SKU

  • shipping_address_first_name - The first name of the customer

  • shipping_address_last_name - The customers last name

  • shipping_address_address1 - The first line of the shipping address

  • shipping_address_city - The city of the shipping address

  • shipping_address_country - The country of the shipping address e.g. US or GB

  • shipping_address_state - The state or county of the shipping address

  • shipping_address_zip - The Zip code or Postal Code for the shipping address.

  • sku - The SKU of the product in Veeqo.

If your order has more than one product then create a new line for each product in the CSV file.

For a full list of available CSV headers check out the table further down in this article.

Here is a sample CSV file for you to use as a template, the columns must match this exactly for it to work.

How to upload orders via CSV

1.Go to Orders and click on Import:

2.Select the CSV Store you wish to import the orders to, select the format as Veeqo and then select Add CSV File:


  • Once you have selected the CSV file to import click on Import Orders

How long does the import take?
It could take between a few minutes to 30 minutes to import your orders, you will get a notification (top right of Veeqo) when it's finished, you can close the window.

Available Order Import CSV Headers

Below are the headers in an Order CSV file along with the examples. 

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