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Create Products via CSV Import
Create Products via CSV Import
Updated over a week ago

There are three ways to create products in Veeqo

  1. Products are automatically created in Veeqo after your sales channel is connected

  2. Create products in bulk via CSV (this article's focus)

Prepare Your Import File

  1. Click here to download a sample CSV to import your products.

Note: Keep the product_id column blank as Veeqo will fill this on import!

You won't need to fill in all columns, you can leave unnecessary ones blank. The minimum columns you will need to fill in, however, are:

  • sku_code

  • product_title

  • variant_title (if your product has variations)

  • sales_price

  • tax_rate

Note: For products with variations, keep the product_title value the same ("White Cotton T-Shirt" as shown in the above sample file) and then just set a value for the variant_title to specify the variant value ("Size" in this example).

NOTE: If you leave the weight_unit column empty, it will default to using grams, this field will accept the following options to change your weight unit:

Import Your Product CSV File

1. On the Inventory page, click Upload

2. If you are also importing stock levels, select the relevant location and leave the IMPORT TYPE as All

3. Click NEXT

4. Click Upload data from file

5. Click Yes for Does this row contain column names?

6. Make sure that columns that contain data have the status of ✔ Confirmed mapping, while blank columns can remain in that status of Ignored

6.1 To change the status from Ignored to Confirmed mapping, click on the Edit button next to the column status

6.2 Click the Lookup matching fields dropdown menu and select the matching Veeqo data field to your CSV column name

6.3 Click the Confirm mapping button

7. Click Review and you will be shown all of the information you have just imported.

8. You can now review any issues and correct them by selecting Only show rows with problems

9. Click Yes for the Are you ready to submit? prompt

Once the import is completed, we send an email to the user who has performed the CSV import.

If your import has failed for any reason, we will notify you with the error so you can correct it in the CSV and re-import. This is also displayed in the email we send to the user.

To troubleshoot any errors during import please check out the Solving Product Import/Export Errors guide.

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