Wholesale Overview
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What is a Wholesale order?

  • Wholesale customer can have multiple contacts & addresses 

  • Have a default discount % 

  • Uses a B2B price list for products

  • Set a currency for the customer. Note: You need to use a Direct store that uses the same currency as your company currency.

  • Payment terms such as "Net 30 days" so the order can be shipped straight away without payment

  • Minimum order value, below which an order can not be created

  • Email customer an online invoice, where they can download a PDF copy and also pay for it online using a credit card

Creating a Wholesale order

To create a Wholesale order you will first need to create a wholesale customer.

  1. Go to Orders

  2. Click + New Order

  3. Click +Create advanced order

4. In the customer search field, search for a Wholesale customer and select one

5. The order will pre-fill with all the customer's details including default contact and addresses

6. Send the customer an online invoice for them to view and they can then download an PDF copy.

7. Choose if the customer can pay for their invoice online using a credit card by clicking "Can pay by credit card"

8. Search and select the products for the customer.

Wholesale Online Invoice

The online invoice is emailed to your customer for them to view online and also download a PDF copy. They can pay for it using a credit card which will then mark the order as paid in Veeqo.


Duplicate Wholesale Orders

If some of your B2B clients create regular orders that contain similar items you can save time by creating a duplicate of an existing order. Check out This Guide for steps

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