Duplicate An Order

Create a draft copy of another order

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Instead of manually creating similar orders you can save time by creating a draft of another order.

Duplicating orders can save you time when:

How to create a duplicate order

  1. Go to the orders page

  2. Open the Order Summary of the order you want to duplicate by clicking the order number.

  3. Click Actions

4. Choose Duplicate order from the menu.

5. Choose which manual store you'd like to attribute the duplicated order to, from the dropdown menu and click Duplicate Order

6. Make any edits to the duplicate order before creating.

In both the original and duplicate order history you'll be able to see the matching order.

Why Can't I See My Store?

When duplicating an order you need to select the store you want the new order to be created on. If you can't see the store you're looking for this maybe because of two reasons:

  1. You're trying to create an order on an online store - You can't create duplicate orders on your remote stores such as Shopify or Amazon. Instead orders duplicated from remote stores will be created on a Veeqo store.

  2. The store you're looking for is a different currency - An offline store has a default currency. If the order you are duplicating has a different currency to this you need to create a new store that matches the duplicate orders currency.

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