Creating a customer in Veeqo
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Customers will automatically be created when orders are pulled from your stores or you've created a new order in Veeqo.

Once a customer has been saved in Veeqo, you can search for them when creating new orders and pre-fill all their details if they place more orders with you.

Creating a customer from the manual order creation page

  1. Create a new manual order by clicking the +NEW button on the orders screen in Veeqo

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2. Click create new customer

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3. Enter your customers details.

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When the order is created, the customer will be saved to use on future orders.

Creating a wholesale customer

Creating a new or converting a retail customer into a wholesale customer gives you the ability to do the following:

  • Add multiple contacts to that user

  • Unlimited addresses and ability to set default billing and shipping

  • Set a default discount % to apply to their orders

  • Select a wholesale price list so when creating orders it will use those set prices

  • Set standard payment terms such as "Net 30 days"

  • Default currency & delivery method

  • Minimum order value, below which an order can not be created

To create a new B2B customer

  1. Go to Setting

  2. Click on Customers

  3. Click + New Customer

  4. Change customer type to be "Wholesale"

  5. Fill in your wholesale customer's details

Note: When creating a Wholesale customer, ensure that ALL contact information, as well as address and billing information is entered.

  • Account Number[Optional]: Set account number for that customer.

  • Customer Notes[Optional]: This will be visible to your team when creating an order for this customer.

  • Payment Terms[Optional]: How many days until your customer must pay you. When used orders for this customer will go into "Ready to Ship" without a payment.

  • Minimum order value[Optional]: You will not be able to create an order for this customer if the order total is less than this amount.

  • Default Discount %[Optional]: This % is applied as a discount to order total when creating an order for this customer.

Converting an existing customer to a Wholesale customer

  1. Find the customer first by going to Settings

  2. Click on Customer

  3. Use the Search customers box

  4. or click into the customer and click the edit icon in the top right-hand corner

5. Click the "Retail type" dropdown and select Wholesale.

6. The next screen lets you add wholesale detail but looks a little blank, don’t worry the customer information is still saved.

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